A New Generation of Digital Decal Printing Technology

The KIP DDP 480 provides new work flow and simplicity of Digital Decal Printing. The system workflow provides powerful production with new KIP HTRT technology for Ceramic, Glass and Industry required applications.  The KIP DDP 480 is the solution for Digital transforming in the industry.

KIP patented High Temperature Resistance Toner (HTRT)
KIP patented High Temperature Resistance Toner (HTRT) will remain its quality color even after firing over 1200 Co to create high standard ceramic & glass finished products. KIP HTRT has capability and durability of color quality on the finished products with more durable pigment and creates wider color range being required for quality finished products.

KIP DDP 480 Superior Productivity
KIP DDP 480 superior productivity will effectively change and raise up business workflow in the industry by shorten the lead time, much less failure ratio of the printing process and new corporate operation and business target.
480 x 22’’or A1 equivalent page per hour productivity with nesting image positioning function will be the opportunity to increase the production capacity and also cost efficiency with much less failure ratio than current workflow in the industry. 2 Roll of 36’’ (Max) Decal Paper Roll can be installed in a compartment with fully automated feeding and switching.

KIP High Resolution Multi-Touch GUI
KIP High Resolution Multi-Touch GUI provides ease of use under one of the most sophisticated industry workflow S/W, KIP System K. KIP Graphic Express application has Digital Color Management Simplicity for Decal Printing Industry as well. The KIP DDP 480 increases productivity while simplifying the user experience with touch tablet navigation, diverse software suite with ribbon command bars and system standardized icons, along with cloud integration.
KIP Tile and Bar concept user interface creates different stream of work flow in the industry and KIP Graphics Application S/W may provide wider range of color management on demand basis to create unique color required.

Space Saving
KIP DDP 480 requires a small foot-print in the facility and it can save the operation cost of the business. And also it provides more space for other business devices in addition to the current operation and business. KIP DDP 480 small foot-print require about 1/10 – 1/20 of your current work facility and if necessary you may add other business device for your more business opportunity to other application and industry.


Example material printed

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